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Over 14 Hours of Teaching from the Masters...

Dan Kennedy: The (Secret) SUPER-PsychologyOf Direct Response. In this talk Dan shares how to INSTANTLY increase your selling power of your copy with what he calls "Dark Art" persuasion...

SEX at Disney World?! YES! Dan shares how Disney taps the lizard brain (without the kids noticing), and how you can apply this principle...

Gary Bencivenga: Learn the inner game of the world's best copywriter. During his training, Gary shares how he reverse engineers monster breakthroughs.

Plus he shares his personal 9-part "preflight" checklist for every promotion he writes. If you want to be the best you have to surround yourself with the best.

Jay Abraham: Jay will turn your business on its head in the best way possible. During this session, Jay shares the problem-solution technique to multiply your business FAST.

Here's a direct quote from the recording: "Every problem you need solved in your business is the opposite side of the coin of someone else's problem that needs to be solved."

Perry Marshall: Perry comes out swinging. If you work with clients who think copywriting is a commodity, you need this training. 

In this session Perry shares why tradition info marketing is dead and what you need to do instead if you want to build a business that will be here tomorrow. 

Greg Renker: $1.8 billion per year in direct response infomercials? Greg Renker of Guthy|Renker is the mind behind Proactiv and other hit products.

He shares here how he looks at over 50 potential products every week and decides which ones have a shot and which ones are duds. 

Ken McCarthy: The founding father and original titan of internet marketing! If you struggle with "shiny object syndrome", Ken's session will cure you in no time flat.

He breaks down how to evaluate opportunity quickly so you can focus on what matters most in your business.

Joe Sugarman: TESTING! Joe is a master of testing and during this training you'll learn how he approaches testing his ads and offers. 

Joe also sharesbehind the scenes lessons from launching the famous Blublockers sunglasses ads. HINT: It's all about finding you "selling story."

Fred Catona: How to build a a $20 million per year business in just 18 months using direct response radio. 

Fred shares how you can use radio ads to generate staggering response to an offer. He was able to generate 2.2 million responses in just 14 days. This is one of Fred's last presentations before his unfortunate passing. A true titan.

Plus the Mount Rushmore of Copywriters

Discover the Proven Secrets to Generating $1.8 Billion in Direct Mail Sales

Together, these writers have been responsible for a conservatively-estimated 628 million "control" pieces of profitable direct mail since 1995 (and more before that!)... These are the top current copywriters I've worked directly with, and among the very best A-list copywriters living today.

One of their secrets? 

They never write headlines first. They do something else that leads to more powerful, easier to write headlines. 

Eric Betuel

David Deutsch

Arthur Johnson

Parris Lampropoulos

You Also Get An Inside Look Into MY Personal Mastermind

I've mentioned before that I spend over $50,000 per year on my marketing education, including coaching and mastermind groups I'm a part of...

But I'm also a member of what I call my "$25 Group." And no, that's no typo. It literally cost $25 per person to be in the group. But there are only four spots, and none of them are open.

And I consider the three others in this group with me to be some of my most valued business connections.

Michael Fishman

Jim Kwik

Ryan Lee

  • Michael Fishman is well known as the ONLY person who presented at Gary Bencivenga's event, besides Gary himself... First a master list broker, now a strategic marketing consultant and thought leader in the health and personal development industry, and founder of The Consumer Health Summit — one of the most anticipated events each year for executives in his industry...

  • Jim Kwik is one of the world's top accelerated learning and brain performance experts, who has been sought out as a trainer by some of the world's top organizations including: Harvard, Singularity University, Nike, Zappos, GE, Fox Studios, and Virgin. He's even shared the stage with the Dalai Lama!

  • Ryan Lee is one of the most respected names in internet marketing, especially in the health and fitness space... He's widely regarded as the "experts' expert" on continuity income, internet membership sites, and modern-day entrepreneurship (his columns are a favorite in Entrepreneur Magazine).
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