Two Titans of Copywriting Who Would Have Been on Stage at the Titans of Direct Response Left Us Too Soon...

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Meet Bill Jayme. In his prime, he was the most sought after copywriter in the world. In fact...

...he had a TWO YEAR waiting list of clients who wanted him to write a direct mail package for them...and he fulfilled them all, with a style that was a mix of poetry and sales copy.

Meet Jim Rutz. If you are a copywriter you owe a debt of gratitude to Jim whether you've heard of him or not.

Jim set the stage for how the best copywriters could earn royalties on the results their work delivered. 

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Add the Life's Work of Two Legendary Copywriters Who Should Have Been On the Titans Stage 

The Bill Jayme Collection is a priceless swipe file that every copywriter should own.

He wrote some of the most famous (and successful) promotions in the history of direct mail. And today you can own every single one.

Bill wrote for every major mailer in every category back in the 1960's and 1970's.

After he passed away, his partner (and expert designer) Heikki Ratalahti worked with me to create an organized collection of every direct package Bill Jayme ever wrote. We called it The Bill Jayme Collection.

And inside The Bill Jayme Collection you get 210 individual direct mail efforts for 138 different mailers in PDF format.

Here's a peek at what you'll receive:

This isn't JUST about sales letters's so much more.

Many of the swipes inside The Bill Jayme Collection include :

  • The outside envelope his packages were mailed in
  • The response cards that rode inside his mailings
  • The letter that was enclosed
  • The multiple versions that were mailed for split tests

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Now Let's Look at the Second Swipe File You're Going to Receive Today...

Read This Or Die. The Lost Files of Jim Rutz was put together with the help of Jim's sister, Ginger Rutz and three young copywriters.

Jim was one of the most colorful characters this business has ever seen.

Jim Rutz could beat anyone's control.

In his early days as an “A list copywriter” he wouldn’t even charge an upfront fee but rather collect royalties based on the number of pieces the client was able to mail.

He was confident he could write the package for “free” because he knew he would get the winner and collect more than any upfront fee he could charge.

And we are talking about a royalty of a nickel or more PER PIECE MAILED.

That may not seem like much, but when your client is mailing in the millions, it adds up.

I want to make sure you understand the magnitude of those numbers...

Jim wrote winning packages that became controls for some of the biggest mailers in the country…many of his winners mailing millions of pieces…and basically, he got a nickel for each one the Jolly Postman delivered.

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